28 July 2009

Big Brother News

Big Brother announced there would be an annoucement on Thursday that would turn the game upside down. I do hope it is not just that the cliques are gone...so expected. So bland & boring. So here are some ideas I'm hoping for instead...

1. In addition to Jesse - another x housemate is coming in. And America gets to vote. I'd vote Brian! I'm still grousing over stupid Jesse going in - though he really made it interesting for a minute...but that minute is so over. The only point of him being on the show is that I have time to go to the restroom when the show is on or schedule a reminder for Rescue Me.

2. In honor of the British Big Brother throwing in new houseguests...Four new houseguests come in. Totally changing the dynamics of the game.

3. America gets to vote on who goes up for nominations instead of the HOH.

4. America gets to vote on who goes home. IE: NOT JEFF OR JORDAN.

5. America gets to vote on who is 'have & have nots'.

6. One houseguest gets to view all the big brother shows already aired.

7. America gets to give one houseguest immunity from eviction for a week in addition to the HOH.

8. America gets to give each houseguest a present that sums up how we feel about them. Ideas: a dunking in rotten vegetables for Ronnie. Make up for Chema. Just say NO shirt for Lydia. Bucket of cold water for Jessie. Cool hat for Russell. Marley disc for Jeff. Cookies for Jordan. Hair cut /makeover for Michelle & the little one whose name I've yet to learn.

9. My personal fav: I get hired by Big Brother to go and play in Big Brother's land of Oz.

Come on Big Bro - kick it up a notch! Get creative & stray from the formula! Expect the unexpected? Remember that???

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