31 August 2009

the darkness falls

The BB11 feeds are back up. Michelle used the veto...
Jeff is on the block.
The last ray of hope is the Pandora key.
Please please let it work and save him!

OK, I have a great idea for what CBS might be using the key as.
What if the pandora's box means that BB votes are now cast by America?
As in we decide who goes home every week? Yes, it's out side the box -
but why not? It would save Jeff wouldn't it? And that's my point...

30 August 2009

Poop parcels? Poop Parcels.

"Poop parcels because not every one deserves flowers." Now there's a slogan. Very very novel.
Beyond novel really. And I'm just trying to think of who -- just who I would dare send one to, because I want to.

29 August 2009

Mortification of the day

Did you think I could not do better than flubbing seeing ambulance guy yesterday? pLeeaaze. I can do better than that at mortification and I proved it tonight by actually blowing being asked out. No, not ambulance guy. Not even I am that stupid. That man could pop through my window when I was in a dead sleep and ask me any thing and I'm sure I'd have the perfect answer.

It was Steeler's shirt guy - to whom I'd made a seemingly harmless compliment once on his unique Steelers shirt...in passing. Bumped into him on my walk this evening. He asked me out "Wanna go for a drink?" as I was on my way out of a shop. Really, I was walking - maybe twenty paces from him and he yelled it across the room. In the very same place I had been standing when I saw ambulance guy yesterday. The very same place.

My reaction (Panic) "OH NO! I COULDN'T POSSIBLY. I'm on my way home!" I smiled and ran away waving in a friendly way. UGH. Well that was bright wasn't it? Of course people can't go out for drinks when they are on their way home. I might have added that this was one of the last nights of Big Brother and I didn't want to miss it. I might have added that a drink was fattening and I'm working very hard to avoid fattening things. I might have added that I was certainly not dressed for a night out. All of these things flashed through my mind in an instant but atleast none of them made it out of the mouth.

Ok, perhaps there is something charming about shy men who don't pounce on you with a question on your way out of doors. Perhaps that was the universe giving me a gentle lesson.

Plus Shirtguy...well, I'm not in the least attracted to him.

How on earth did I ever do this before? I must have been some one else entirely, but then it was a great many years ago...

Now I've done it...A Petition to HBO for BB HG Jeff

Alright. So here it is - I created a petition in facebook. Gasp. I know. Still here's the thing as it looks (saving a miracle by CBS) that Jeff is going to go to the Big Brother 11 Jury house - I can't stand the idea that he'll be going back to a sales job in IL. This man is destined for larger things thank you very much. Nothing against sales jobs but he is one of those men who just belongs on the screen. Especially as it's his dream.

Of course there is always the chance that CBS could snatch him up with a contract - and wouldn't they be clever if they did.

In any case I created a petition to get him an audition with HBO/Entourage. If you don't think I'm completely daft or well even if you do...sign it. Please. Just for once I'd like to see a nice guy's dreams come true.


Look a made up word for a title - why not? Saw ambulance guy twice tonight. Still adorable. Still dorky. Still shy. Waiting for him to ask me out could require life support & cryogenic freezing. Still, I play by old fashioned rules. Oh well, suppose if he gets around to it ~ it'll be worth it. If not then it wasn't meant to be was it? No. UGH.

Boys are just goofy. Just absolutely goofy. Stand there staring at you like you are a big old piece of chocolate cake and then just say hi and nothing else. I gave him a full few seconds and all he did was grin at me like ... a goofy boy who had forgotten the English damn language. Well never mind then.

I think perhaps I use to know secret codes that I've forgotten. Was there something I was suppose to do? Perhaps. Where is my secret decoder ring? Where's that damn dating rule book at? Oh yes, I gave them all away. Foiled again!

Well, perhaps too I was dressed like an idgit in jeans and a flowy shirt and converses and not one bit of make up. I probably looked like a tomboy. In my defense I was cleaning the house, and I decided I needed the stuff that makes the toilet water blue for no apparent reason. Just one of those stupid urges and off I went. Super Idgit away!

Must remember:
1. When I get a stupid urge - to dress in a way that doesn't make me look like a hippo that just escaped from the zoo.
2. When stupid urge arises - put on make up - please.
3. When wearing my 'i use to be fat' jeans to wear a belt so they don't slide down and try to fall off. (Thankfully my jeans did not do their trick of sliding down every few steps until I was out of his sight...or at least I think I was out of his sight.)
4. Next life do not be attracted to shy men. It is counterproductive~!

28 August 2009

In honor of a fallen hero

My prayers and heart are with Marine Lance Cpl. Donald Hogan's family as he is returned home to them.


He fought in my name. He gave his life for our wellbeing.
Never to be forgotten, or taken for granted.
I know the freedom I have tonight comes at a great expense paid by such heroes.
It's paid forward in a way we could never really pay back other than to honor their lives, sacrifices and their families. I try to be ever mindful of that, but especially so this evening.