29 August 2009

Mortification of the day

Did you think I could not do better than flubbing seeing ambulance guy yesterday? pLeeaaze. I can do better than that at mortification and I proved it tonight by actually blowing being asked out. No, not ambulance guy. Not even I am that stupid. That man could pop through my window when I was in a dead sleep and ask me any thing and I'm sure I'd have the perfect answer.

It was Steeler's shirt guy - to whom I'd made a seemingly harmless compliment once on his unique Steelers shirt...in passing. Bumped into him on my walk this evening. He asked me out "Wanna go for a drink?" as I was on my way out of a shop. Really, I was walking - maybe twenty paces from him and he yelled it across the room. In the very same place I had been standing when I saw ambulance guy yesterday. The very same place.

My reaction (Panic) "OH NO! I COULDN'T POSSIBLY. I'm on my way home!" I smiled and ran away waving in a friendly way. UGH. Well that was bright wasn't it? Of course people can't go out for drinks when they are on their way home. I might have added that this was one of the last nights of Big Brother and I didn't want to miss it. I might have added that a drink was fattening and I'm working very hard to avoid fattening things. I might have added that I was certainly not dressed for a night out. All of these things flashed through my mind in an instant but atleast none of them made it out of the mouth.

Ok, perhaps there is something charming about shy men who don't pounce on you with a question on your way out of doors. Perhaps that was the universe giving me a gentle lesson.

Plus Shirtguy...well, I'm not in the least attracted to him.

How on earth did I ever do this before? I must have been some one else entirely, but then it was a great many years ago...

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