29 August 2009


Look a made up word for a title - why not? Saw ambulance guy twice tonight. Still adorable. Still dorky. Still shy. Waiting for him to ask me out could require life support & cryogenic freezing. Still, I play by old fashioned rules. Oh well, suppose if he gets around to it ~ it'll be worth it. If not then it wasn't meant to be was it? No. UGH.

Boys are just goofy. Just absolutely goofy. Stand there staring at you like you are a big old piece of chocolate cake and then just say hi and nothing else. I gave him a full few seconds and all he did was grin at me like ... a goofy boy who had forgotten the English damn language. Well never mind then.

I think perhaps I use to know secret codes that I've forgotten. Was there something I was suppose to do? Perhaps. Where is my secret decoder ring? Where's that damn dating rule book at? Oh yes, I gave them all away. Foiled again!

Well, perhaps too I was dressed like an idgit in jeans and a flowy shirt and converses and not one bit of make up. I probably looked like a tomboy. In my defense I was cleaning the house, and I decided I needed the stuff that makes the toilet water blue for no apparent reason. Just one of those stupid urges and off I went. Super Idgit away!

Must remember:
1. When I get a stupid urge - to dress in a way that doesn't make me look like a hippo that just escaped from the zoo.
2. When stupid urge arises - put on make up - please.
3. When wearing my 'i use to be fat' jeans to wear a belt so they don't slide down and try to fall off. (Thankfully my jeans did not do their trick of sliding down every few steps until I was out of his sight...or at least I think I was out of his sight.)
4. Next life do not be attracted to shy men. It is counterproductive~!


  1. Ok, the title caught my eye. Now you have to make up a concise meaning to sneefingly. Had to laugh because today we were being silly and making up a new last name to change to when we move. The Schnoggindokken's. If anyone out there actually has this last name I apologize for laughing.

  2. We should start a new trend - make up a word day.
    After careful consideration: Sneef - a woman who has clearly lost her mind due to cleaning the house with bleach.

    lol I like your made up name too. Go with it. Why not?


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