05 July 2009

***I'm off for shopping now! I'll be back with silky lovelyness! Living with passion & smiling at every one I meet.

*****Didn't end up with silky love ~ but managed to score 1 wonderful retro brown leather purse & ralph lauren pants - on sale no less! plus earings. :) Am happy silly girl. I'm officially a size 8 petite now. (I would have thought it was a size 10 but what do I know) I can fit into a size 6 petite but I thought it was pushing things a bit...rather have them baggy.

Walked to the mall for a little bonus excersice and noticed an odd pain in my hip. Over doing it? (ten to one that's it) Arthritis? (please tell me i'm too young for that) Old running injury maybe? Or how about those years when I did skateboarding? I don't know what it is...but boy I'll tell you sitting still has never felt so good. It's an odd pain, and with my high pain threshold I know if I'm feeling it enough to wince when I walk down stairs - it is not good. Hopefully, it goes away with some R&R.

And now off to curl up with my T.J Waters CLASS 11 book and a grilled chicken salad...

***the demonic sadistic evil scale says I have lost 1 more pound. 134lbs officially now. I do not believe it, as I know this evil scale far too well to believe it's nonsense. I'm quite sure I will step on it in ten minutes and it will say I gained two pounds instead...but for now...I'm 134 lbs

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