06 July 2009


Meeting tomorrow at the corp office. ICK. Downside: It's pointless stupidity to go in to sign a piece of paper they could have mailed. Upside: Day away from the computer slavery PAID & a shopping trip on my way back!

The 'evil & demonic scale' says that I have gained back a pound. IT LIES. My stomach is flatter than last week.

I need to find a way to get myself to use that work out Gazelle on work days. It's so big that I can't leave it set up all the time. Orginally it was in my room, but then I'd do a mile ~ my attention would wander & off I'd go to answer the phone, or to see what my son needs, or whatever. So now I've rearranged the living room ~ put the furniture against the walls and put it out there. Folded against a bookshelf. I meant to use it after work today, but instead I've stared at it. The energy it takes to move it seems to be elsewhere - let alone use it.

Motivation or the lack thereof is really stopping my progress today. It's horrible that the only things keeping me from living the life I want are in my head! I guess that's always the case in life. Every thing is just in our minds, but it is frustrating when you know that and still can't figure out how to rewire the old brain.

Here's an idea. Tshirts that are personal adds. Why the hell not.

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