12 July 2009

Things I've learned from Big Brother Today

Every one should be forced to watch themselves eat on a video camera. Our mothers told us to chew with out mouths closed for a reason.

Have you ever noticed that people eat the way they live?

People who live in the margins of their lives eat with an apologetic manner. It's as if they were apologizing for the substance they are taking in. And forget about abandoning themselves to glutony & enjoyment. They push the food around in their mouths as if trying to crush the flavor out of it before their taste buds could enjoy it for a millisecond.

People who live in insular protected worlds who have no idea how the food got onto a plate, what skill it took to create it, or what animal it comes from. For them food is a disconnected phone number. They shovel it in with the same attention expelling it soon after. There is no thought, no enjoyment. It is simply filling a need and moving on to the next disconnected activity.

Then there are the ones who eat honestly & with passion. They make noises of enjoyment at the flavors. They scrape the sauce with the bread & lick their fingers. They offer thanks to the chef with kind hearts. When finished they lean back in repose for a moment savoring the experience and offering often profound thoughts. They do not rush through a meal. They eat like they are making love through the food, savoring each rising moment with joy.

Thoughts from the chef's brain...

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