27 August 2009

Back to the Real World

Kids are back to school today. You can feel mothers sighing audibly as the teenagers walk off to school. It's not the same as when they were younger and I restrained tears while snapping photos. Sr year. Can't pick up an 18 yr old and carry him to class. Can just barely convince him getting to school is a necessity at 6am. Oh just you wait I keep thinking when he won't get up. He has plans to be a Marine. I did something right there, but wish I could borrow a Drill instructor for one morning in advance. lol. Wouldn't that be a hoot.

It's funny how things between a mother and son change over the years. Use to be we'd go for long walks together, sit and stare at the grass for hours and when I woke him up he jumped out of bed with a 'Mommy!'. We still spend lots of time together, but it's different. We still tell each other every thing...even some of things I sure wish I didn't know...but there's a difference. Still you know, you just know he'll go off to boot camp and be wishing for my voice & cinnamon rolls instead of SOS at wake up time instead of the drill instructors. I know which one of us will make the boy into a man, and know sure enough it's not me.

It's a bittersweet time. Part of me is annoyed my oldest isn't taking his life seriously enough and growing up. The other part is wishing he'd go back to being a baby. My Dad says it's part and parcel of raising a boy. I just hope he turns into half the man that my Father is...Heaven knows he's got a great example there. Daddy and I had a long talk today. Had to turn down going down to Baltimore with him for the weekend. Can't leave the munchkin home alone god knows what havoc might happen.
And any way, all too soon I'll be able to travel on weekends.

It's going to be a weird year...

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