28 June 2009

FIFA Confederations Cup final

It was exhilerating to watch the US take a lead over Brazil. It felt like I walked into a dream as they took the two point lead into half time. I knew - we all knew - Brazil was going to come back. But there for a moment, as a football obsessed person, I got a taste of what it must feel like to be from a country where winning a cup is not mission impossible.

Then Brazil won.

Of course they won. You didn't really think they would fall to us did you? There was no bitterness in my living room. I was thrilled we gave a good fight. I was over the top proud of our team for having scored against the 2nd best goal keeper in the world.

Howard was incredible. That was what I came away from the game with. Howard and Dempsey are wonderful players. Dempsey's tears touched my heart. He didn't think it was mission impossible. He knew it was possible and watched as his dream fell away. That moment changed forever the way I feel about American Football.

Thank you to Howard and Dempsey for having shown me it is Mission Possible. I look forward to watching them in the World Cup!

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