04 July 2009

Day off - was brilliant! Cleaned most of the apartment. Avoided doing lunch with my mother. Chatted with Bill for a good hour. Did research for the next novel. Worked out for ever & ever while catching up on tv shows I'd forgotten all about...like BURN NOTICE. Now that's a great show to work out to. Not as good as KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL but well, nothing really is. I digress...working out...seemingly in one day lost another pound and then gained it back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I ATE NEXT TO NOTHING TODAY!

I think the scale may be possessed by a comical demonic force that just likes to see me do a double take and then crack my head off the wall when I lean over to clarify the numbers. I'm sure it would be very funny on video though I'm not quite dumb enough to take one of those.

I am sore now...which is such a great feeling. You know you really did something if you are sore from it. God, working out with out being sore is like waking up the morning after sex and having to wonder if you did have sex the night before. No thank you. I'd like to know when something wonderful has been done to my body. Otherwise, why waste my time?

Note to self: buy a good scale before the comedy gods have another good laugh.

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