04 July 2009

Demonic Scales & War

The demonic scale today says I've lost two pounds. Do I believe it? Not necessarily. It's like book reviews. You can't believe them - good or bad but you obsessively read them any way. What you believe is the experience - some one reads the book and says its wonderful. In the case of loosing weight that means putting on the jeans that didn't quite fit last month. The jeans aren't falling down to my thighs yet so I know I'm not there yet. I will hit 100lbs & size zero again!

Woke up to the news of the N. Korea missiles. Surreal. We're all characters in one of those movies you see on cable when you have the flu. You think Kim Jong-il saw those movies and decided to be the evil villian who takes over the world? Maybe he missed the fact that the villian gets his ass handed to him by a hard assed man? What the heck happens in a life that makes you want to be ''that guy''?

Wish I could be in DC today for the fireworks. Someday I'd like to take the trip there for the 4th. Happy 4th of July to all those heroes who are out of the country. My heart is with you, and I am ever mindful of your presence today. May you see home & family with a safe & healthy return soon.

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