09 July 2009

Evil little bastards

Not being one of those women who are in the throws of a ticking clock I had a chuckle and then a long pause reading this article: New Scientist has an article: Daily Sex gives Sperm a boost
So sperm are marathon training & getting stronger with frequency? Evil little bastards are plotting against us! No offense to any men who read this - but that just messes with my head. I have utter rubbish luck with birth control. And I have definite plans to date again (someday soonish), definite plans to meet handsome wonderful man - fall in love & have wonderful weekends of lovely decadent sex. Possibly even weeks full of it...if we were to happen to be in the same country for that long.

Also of note: future rule: Coffee is evil. Apparently it speeds up sperm. And if I remember correctly it also makes it taste like awful cough syrup. If any men do ever happen to read this - refrain from coffee use & your partners will thank you profusely.

And weed is good? Eww. No some how that doesn't make drug users more appealing.
Thank god the men I am attracted to are usually military types who are heavy drinkers. At least alcohol lowers sperm count. Science may not be on my side - but apparently the makers of Guiness are. Ha!

Also I should add as a disclaimer. I'm not a perv. LOL Ok, yes I am a perv but I only read the above articles because I saw it when reading this article about self erasing ink. Tres Bond!

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