08 July 2009

Let's Run Jamie Oliver Right out of America!

Jamie Oliver’s been filming a trailer to promote his new book, ‘Jamie’s America’ and six-part Channel 4 TV series, ‘Jamie’s American Roadtrip’, both coming this autumn. See above link for more info.

I'm sorry but what idiot invited Oliver to America in the first place? This is the man who took Cookie Monster's cookies away. And Naked Chef? I'm sorry Chef's should not be naked. I don't want to think about Chef's pieces dangling near my food. Thank you but no. And certainly if any were to do so it would certainly not be his! His resume shows exactly what he is a Puffpiece PR Celebrity Chef & Don't get me started about his party planner business. !! Go away Oliver!! Go back to England & send us a real chef to do an American Road Trip - Give us Marco Pierre White! God that he is. We'll take one of him PLEASE.

Oliver get out of my country with your stupid PR stunts ... And take that fraud Gordon Ramsey with you!

And for those of you who agree with me. Here's a lovely little game...Punch the f**K out of Jamie game.

Now back to the subject of chef's who could and should be naked often...Anthony Bourdain for instance. Ahh, he's just lovely and dispells all thoughts of that poncy what's his name...

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