08 July 2009

Thinking aloud

Overheard on the bus yesterday: Little girl says to littler sister. "Hit my reset button."
Little sister: "What's a reset button?"
Little girl: "It resets your life. If you hit it then after you'll be a better person. It's right here." she points to her forehead & her younger sister slaps her right in the forehead - hard.
"Ahh, thank you." she says in sweet voice.

It's a cute idea ~ that set me to thinking about how grown ups need reset buttons on their lives. When we were children it's just that simple. You can be any one you dream up. Then some how as we grow up we get tucked into our labels, jobs and places in life. Truth is we still can be any one we want to be, grow in any way that we wish. It's silly of us to think that only kids have the option to dream outside the box.

It's amazing what inspiration the universe provides when you are willing to be aware of the people around you. And now...off to read ~ research for the novel, and try to stay awake to see Ferguson tonight!

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