14 July 2009

Big Brother 11 Gossip

Well Russell seems to have hit the nail on the head tonight when he described Laura Crosby as 'having a straight up porn face' ... Seems she was headed in that direction in these photos. Wouldn't be so bad if she hadn't been going on about how she doesn't like to have people look at her breasts or how she's NEVER pose for playboy. Oh people are just flat out stupid...

AND STUPID HG OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO LYDIA! Listening to her talk tonight about Jessie & how every one trusts her & how she's safe in the house. Oh that is going to make such good tv. It's amazing how she went from 'abused victim' - and then after thirty minutes of happy time under the sheets with Jessie - all the sudden she's a superior twat who is advising every one on what's normal (cough cough) & what they need to do to fix themselves & relationships & insulting Jessie's religious belief. (Rolling my eyes.) It's going to be such good to TV to see him stab her in the back as he predicted he would...Or maybe Mike & Dr Will could do a phone call session with her and scream at her ''WAKE UP!!"

Oh and link to the HOH twitter page: in which Jessie hints that he has feelings for only one girl in the house - and if today were any indication it was NOT Lydia who gave him massages n whatever else. I would lay money on it being the girl he gave massages to, babied and took care of : Natalie. But I could be wrong....

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