14 July 2009

Hamsters are knawing at my brain

9am seemed to come earlier today than yesterday ~ like hours earlier. 3 days w/o any proper caffeine & my brain feels like a hamster is having kung fu lessons up there. I've caved & gotten a Pepsi. Thinking that this would medicate the old brain and make it level again. No, for some god forsaken reason it's made it worse. And the hamster is now running from my eye to my brain.
I need to go to a caffeine rehab. Two weeks in a padded cell would do me good. How's it that only drug & alcohol addicts get the rehabs?

And now for a long day of staring at a computer screen and typing things into an obnoxious blue screen. Mental note: talk to boss about the obnoxious blue of this page. Strike that. He'll ask me to change it or realize I know how to change it. No, better to stay silent & let the hamsers knaw out my brain. Now where did I put that bottle of pain killers that I normally refuse to take...

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