07 July 2009

How to send back food

Lifehacker has an interesting post on sending back food. I'd like to preface this by saying (as a former chef) before sending back food ask yourself one thing : "Really?" Then stop and ask yourself that same thing again... Because that is what the chef is going to be saying along with a few choice words as they look at the food you sent back. If it's a matter of "I think there's too much cilantro." or "The sauce is too red." - Slap yourself & save the chef the temptation of coming out to do it. However if you ordered Md-Rare and what you get is Well Done this video's for you.

Honestly, a head Chef needs to know when the grill is loosing focus or doesn't have a freaking clue. Occasionally, a faux pas may get by us. (I know you are gasping in disbelief) It is in fact helpful - at times - to be able to slap around the peon at the bottom of the totem pole who has yet again rendered inedible food.

I just wouldn't do it (sending back) unless it's a matter of serious offense. What I won't allow to leave my kitchen as a chef - is very different from what I will accept as a paying customer. Nothing left my kitchen, with a fingerprint on a plate, a smear in sauce, any imperfection that I can see -- but as a customer I'll pretty much eat any thing ~ occasionally even food that doesn't taste great. This is why I was a total bitch to work for.

I have actually had a hair served to me in a soup recently in a verrry good restaurant- quietly discarded the hair and kept the soup. It's a freaking hair. I'm not going to make some one's night go to hell because a hair fell out and landed on my bowl as long as it's a good place. Just start thinking of all the cellular skin fluff that's flaking off while the cooks make your food and pretty soon a thin little innocent hair doesn't seem so evil...especially if you give any consideration to all the possible skin conditions they could have. Or other conditions, and what they might do to your food if you sent it back?? Things that make you go hmmm?

On second thought...maybe you should learn to cook for yourself or not send things back...

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