07 July 2009


The headlines of Jackson's death & memorial service make me sick. All these celebrities trotting out with a kitschy song & dance in one PR flash after the other. Is there any stations that hasn't done an "in loving memory" spiel?

Where is the mega memorial service for the men & women who fought and died for our country? Where is the stadium jammed with people pouring money, love & faith towards the military community while stars sing out in their honor and memory? Where is the CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN 24/7 coverage of the memories of the family, children, & friends of the recently fallen USMC service people on a stage for all the world to see - and some way we might reach out to help them in their time of need? I'd much prefer to hear from the wife of a service person than some 1970's lounge singer serenading the corpse of a pedophile!

What does it mean that as a culture we are choosing to idolize & glamourize a man who created some music but will be remembered for several children accusing him of molestation. Who deserves this level of attention? A sick & twisted singer or the fallen heroes?

In seeing the contrast I am reminded of Chesty Puller when he was surrounded by enemy forces. He said that the enemy was right where he wanted them to be, and that it simplified the problem. Perhaps, it does simplify the problem ~ for me any way. For I see clearly that I am surrounded by a level of trivial idiots with not a working brain among them!

This is not my America. My America would forgo the celebration of a vacant life and instead raise it's voice to heroes living & fallen who carry our flag & freedom in a foreign pit of hell that we have sent them to. I will choose to be part of my America instead. And instead of tuning in to the memorial I will instead donate my time & money to a USMC charity instead.

Hope you'll join me. There are so many great people in so many great outreach orgs out there working to give back to our soldiers overseas & their families.

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