22 July 2009


It turns out the ''demented, demonic'' scale was indeed demented. My son brought home a lovely new high tech one that proved our suspicions. lol. So now new scale, and viola
I'm not gaining and loosing a bazillion pounds in an afternoon. 135 lbs is the new official weight.

I got the ALLI pills yesterday. I didn't know quite what they were when I bought them, but having doled out the money...might as well give it a try. The side effects...well, the side effects. They don't sound like fun, but thus far - having taken 3 pills with 3 meals. I've had no side effects. We'll see...Any way, I won't have to take them for long either way.

My knee feels like I hyper-extended it - though I don't recall so much as a bump. Is this the first signs of mythical age setting in? I hope not, but it doesn't have the feeling of having over worked it. Over worked muscles are almost a pleasure to me from all the years of training when I was young. This is different, and worries me just a little so I took today off - only took a walk.

God I miss the days when I could go on a pizza diet and loose weight...

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