18 July 2009


8 miles -
40 crunches
Weight lifting

1 mud massage
& watching Mama Mia & taking a lovely hot bath. Taking the phone off the hook for the rest of the night while I read Heidegger's Time and Being & watch BB.
Life is very very good today. I'm going to be back to 100 lbs in no time flat.


  1. Ok I admit I havent been working out since I gave birth to my little girl LOL ..I just loose the weight by running after her.. God I need to work out it just makes me feel better and smile more!

  2. When they are young its so hard to find the time. I always thought that chasing after my sons was my ''aerobic'' class. lol. Though once they are @2yrs they are so much fun to do yoga with. Gee, I'm suddenly missing having a little one. ;)


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