03 July 2009

thinking aloud

I’ve been fairly nervous about work lately. It’s been like playing an office version of Open Water with disappearing co-workers & clients. Honestly, I called 17 clients on Thursday whose companies had faded away in the past month. Not to suggest that the company I work for might be going under – but it has been on my mind since they pink-slipped half the staff a few months ago. So today when the CEO asked me for face time on his next trip – I was a smidge anxious. That is, until he said he wanted to hear from me where I wanted to go in the company, and to talk about what ladders I wanted to climb in my future with the company. (My sigh of relief was audible.) So, maybe I can stop stressing out over whether we’ll be in business and whether I’ll be handed a pink slip. Instead I can go back to pitching & plotting re-opening our UK office.

Must Practice saying: “I can make the UK office a success. I promise I will focus on the company – and not call off for Manchester United games.” (without laughing)

I also surprisingly got the day off paid tomorrow. Scratches head – what on earth am I suppose to do with a Friday off? I mean, yeah sure a thousand things pop into the brain all at once…but more pressingly looms the knowledge that a day off means I am loosing money by not fostering client deals. Of course I also know the clients will call me wherever I am so it might not be so terrible. New plan for the holiday weekend: Binge Excersicing nonstop for 3 days, throw in a movie, fireworks & some time with the boys. Weee!

Also in loosing weight news: another lb gone. God it’s slow progress to loose weight in a healthy (nonstarving) way. However I saw the latest in fashion from Irina Shaposhinkova and I must say I don’t care if I hit 100lbs and the future fashion designers personally begged me … I am not wearing this at any point no matter how hot a look it is. How unromantic does the future look if it comes in wearing that? Sad sighs...Call me silly, but I'd far prefer if we went poet shirts 80's instead of Devo 80's... Men don't really find crackling robotrons attractive do they? Hmm, what do I know maybe they do. Or maybe they don't and that's the point. Women as crackling robotrons who can't sit down or be comfortable because they are so focused on their career...now what does that say about us? Nothing good. No, I'd rather be a silly stupid romantic girl.


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