01 July 2009


In the news today my heroes...Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan...my prayers and heart is with them. There really are no words just the sound of the silent prayer my heart makes with each breath...

And then there was my former hero Cristiano...and overwhelming thankfulness that he no longer stands with Manchester United. However the story went down - a teenage girl got hurt over the head of a photograph and an ego out of control.

Granted the paps are too much to handle. Grant footballers deserve a life outside the game on the mini-vacation time they get. But you have to wonder at what point your ego gets so inflated you think such outlandish behavior is appropriate over photographs...

I've read a great many statements saying that ManU will be for the worse with out him. I might have thought so once myself. Now I have to really think about that statement and come to the conclusion that ManU will be able to have football for football's sake and not record signings, endless speculation on leaving or staying, petulant tantrums and lack of tracking back on plays. And you know ... I think we'll be for the better!!

We'll have one order of Rooney as striker please. He plays with the passion I feel for the sport. His heart is in the right place. He's a God of the pitch. He's a husband to a good woman and soon to be a father. A good man all around and if we put him up as a striker...If we put the heart of the team right up there...we won't be for the worse at all! We'll be playing football with passion for football's sake.

And it isn't as if we don't have the best players in the world to follow him into the battle as well. Worse for loosing Cristiano? Oh I don't think so. Sad to see he's not the man who I thought he was ...but I don't see any of us standing at the door wringing out tears either.

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