29 July 2009

Killing Voicemail Forever...

My job is a godsend that allows me to telecommute. Being the master of one's time is fundamental to my happiness. I had no idea how much so until this summer when I began simplifying my life. Now I can't imagine having to go into the corp office more than once a month - and even that seems a nuisance most times.

I'm further simplifying my time constraints by eliminating voicemail from my life - I see no reason why my clients can't use email instead of the phone. It occurred to me today how much I hate and loathe being at the beck and call of a ringing line. How many times a week do I walk away from my desk only to be called back immediately by the phone ringing? Too many. And I am not going to be a Pavlovian bitch to a bell any longer. From now on I'm leaving a message on my voicemail that instructs recipients to send me an email... Deal with it.

I also started doing random work outs during the day. Bored with the blue screen of my work site? I get up and do a few sets with weights or calf raises or crunches.

And today...viola...the first day my stomach was officially flat again. Okay, it's not a six pack, a four pack or even a two pack...but it is flat. flat. flat. And after two children I have to say I'll take that. It's just the start...but I'm so flipping glad it's working. And the Marine next door did the 'look behind & watched me walk away' when I passed him on the street earlier. (Yes I was giggling semi-silently) As he's only ten to fifteen years younger than I am, that felt better than any thing I've recalled in a very very long time. There's nothing like a Marine to lift my spirits, never has been, never will be... Men just don't know the power they have to make a woman smile with just the smallest action. Well, who knows maybe they do...

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