29 July 2009

Vitargo & Big Brother

Listening to Jesse talk about Vitargo s2 last week got me out to get some for my 18yr old who is into weight lifting. Have to say listening to him talk about Vitargo tonite got me to go and read even more info about it and I'm thinking that I might want to try it myself. I'm hardly a body builder, but I am working out intensively & for long hours. Right now I'm using a supplement shake to make sure I'm getting the nutrients I need. Vitargo however, in addition to the shakes I'm doing seems like a great fit to build muscle & create healing.

Ok...so I'm going to have to step down off my Jesse annoyance soap box to say I'm glad he came back into the house - he gave me a great education and referred me to some interesting pages to read. Kudos Jesse.

And now off to bed to read 'Being & Time'... food for the body, food for the soul...it's been a great day.

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