09 August 2009

Another day, Another Ironic Twist

Can't stand irony. Hate it.
I have a serious inability to comprehend what Fate gets from slamming me in the head with cast iron pans. I don't want to sound like a whining woman, (though yes I am) because I want to be the kind of woman who laughs it off & is truly and deeply happy for my x's when things go well for them. Some times I am.
Tonight - not so much.

Earlier today I was doing my little exercise routine, bopping along the street to my little mp3 player and switched it over to the radio. Carlos Santana SMOOTH was on. Music makes me happy. I was happy. Then I changed the Channel ... a new song. Fun. The song sounds familiar. Odd. The song has my name in it. Dummie that I am. I'm laughing. Isn't this cute? Isn't this funny? Wouldn't it be cute if I dated some one and this was our song? Oh the memories that brings back...Dating use to be fun didn't it? Maybe I'll try it again...soonish.

I get home and look up the band, to show my son. And I see that yes I know the guy who wrote it & sold it to the band. Oh I know him coming & going. I vaguely remember a version on this song that made me go weak in the knees when he sang it to me years ago. So many years ago. So now he's on my mind. I'm fondly remembering him & all the sweet things he use to say. I'm thinking the universe is sending me a message in bold neon. So naturally, I catch up with him immediately...He looks fantastic. I mean really great. And...(the cast iron pan right upside the head)
He just got engaged.

Isn't that ironic. Isn't that lovely. I'm glad he's doing well. I really am. Glad to hell & back he's happy. He deserves it. And frankly, he wasn't the one, he was too much & he had these weird weird foibles. But now, every time I turn on the radio I bet you ten to one there it will be...

I seriously hate irony.


  1. Without trying to sound "advisory"....a different perspective might be that's it was a bit of a gift, reminding you that someone cared enough for you to write a song for you....

    Positive note for a positive step on your life's journey.......

    Great to hear that you haven't just sworn off Love. It just happens.

    Thanks for the prayers.

  2. Thanks Wollf. Actually I am very appreciative of the perspective. You are right there as well & I appreciate the wisdom so much!

    Your family is in my prayers always. Hoping for miracles.


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