15 August 2009

The B***** is gone!

WooHoo! After a night of hiding Russell's rosary beads, thrashing Jeff's clothes, and throwing her mic into the jacuzzi -- Chima is gone! Yipee!

I didn't get her. I don't get her ''type'' of woman. You know, the type that says I'm a ''strong'' woman - translate to: "I have a sense of over entitlement and will be rain hell fire on everyone who doesn't give me my way."

Reality note for women like Chima. There are women out there who are nice, not to get things, not to manipulate people but because we are. Being strong has nothing at all to do with being a bitch, running your mouth, or using people. Having a good body doesn't entitle you to use people or to be nasty. Millions of women on the planet have great bodies & can manage to have a soul at the same time. There will always be some one prettier, younger & smarter than you are. The one defining difference is the soul under the skin. However I'm absolutely certain those differences are points they will never see.

Good riddance Chima...I learned a lot about who I will never be from you. don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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