20 August 2009

I don't know how it got to be 2am. Seems I got off work a minute ago. Did 5 miles on the elliptical. There was another storm tonight so took a long walk - predictably it was wonderful. Top Chef was on. Then flash it's 2am.

One more day at work like today and my brain is going to crawl out of my head in search of logic based beings. It's not the actual work that is making it so chaotic. It's the people I work with. You know the stress level at work is too high when you want to lay down to sleep but won't because you know it will shorten the time before you have to be at work. Luckily, I know it's a cycle. I know it gets worse - then it will ease off. Nothing lasts. Not the good. Not the bad.

I don't understand other people. People who shirk off work. People who opt out from their responsibilty. People who would ''rather not'' do what they are paid to do. People who ask redundant questions when the answer was already put in front of them in black and white print. People who don't use logic. Having to depend on them makes my brain ache. Having to pick up their slack makes my blood run more Irish than normal. Lead, follow or get the hell out. It'd be really nice if management took that approach...

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