17 August 2009

Testicle Seeking Monkeys

Smiling at the TV as Bourdain's voice over on the end of new Thailand episode fills the living room. What wonderful Curious George adventures he has. I love his perspective on the world - some how seeing things through his eyes some how makes me feel as if every thing will be all right in the end. Crazy riots, political insanity, governments topple, terrorists come and go...but people are inherently good and somewhere there is a stove or a fire wafting sweet smells. Life goes on. It goes on, and we the lucky ones are here to see it, marvel at the wonders of this crazy world and sit down with a beer to toast another sunrise and another near miss of the world's testicle seeking monkeys. Not that I have testicles but you know what I mean...

The scale also met me with a really nice factoid: 131 lbs today. Go figure. Work actually pays off, my body is not an alien life form.

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