16 August 2009


132 lbs

In a mood tonight. 10 miles today. 8 yesterday. 200 crunches and other assorted things. Still 132 lbs. Did I actually expect the pounds to melt off? Why yes, actually I did. They use to. When I smoked was always between 98lbs & 110lbs - with out effort. So, I bought a pack of cigarettes & smoked (gagged down) half a pack. Horrible yes. Didn't even really enjoy it though it was comforting. Still 132lbs. It's hard to have patience. I'm not going back to being a smoker. It's just not what I want.

Just in a mood. Hormones maybe. What I want is to spend tomorrow cooking wonderful French pastries & fattening Italian dishes. Sadly, no one would be around to eat it so why bother. I can't eat it or my mood will just darken as the scale slides the wrong direction.

Have to take a half day off work to renew my driver's license. Trip to down town will be fun. I'm just in a mood for no good reason...

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