27 August 2009

The Steeler's Poodle

Yes I am dog person. More the Doberman Pincher than a poodle sort of girl.
And ever if I were the sort of woman to have a Poodle I can't say that I'd do this to it. However, it is kinda cute - in the I'm glad it's not my dog - kind of way. To read the story & the photo click above link.

Boy I bet she gets a lot of attention when she takes that dog for a walk...Again, that's not something I want when I walked my dog. I wonder about people who have to dress their dogs up and take away the natural beauty of the animal to impose these things on it. Not that it's wrong or bad. It's just different from me so I am curious about it. Don't much see the point to it I guess but props to Justine Cosley and her dog in any case.

Justine Cosley, Groom Expo’s
2005 Barkleigh’s Creative Styling
Contest Level 1 and
People’s Choice Award winner.


  1. That was downright goofy. Funny....but goofy.

  2. Have to agree with you. Can't figure that poodle thing out. lmao

  3. HE gets a lot of attention when I walk him and he absolutely loves it.
    Thanks for not slamming me;)


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