11 August 2009

Tending to life

work, work & more work
rain, rain & more rain
warm, sleepy & bored...

Its the sort of day I want to make a pot of colcannon & bratwurst smothered with currywurst- sit and veg with a football game, movie or play tomb raider. Curl up with Gormenghast and take a nap before BB. Not doing that though. Writing only because it is procrastination towards the work out. Procrastination is a pony trap. It is the voice of self hate saying that the life I'm working towards isn't for me. Screw procrastination. I'm going to work out. I think too I might be dehydrated or missing some vitamins or something like that. In this heat and with working out it's hard to judge.

Hit 129lbs - finally moving forward again - really shouldn't stop now. Off to do at least 2 miles...2miles is the new lazy? lol. That's progress.

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