25 July 2009


Been pushing things at work & with the work out. Hit the wall today after a 5 mile trek last night followed by weight lifting, woke up today to do a quick 2 miles. Managed to clean the house, walked to the grocery store and voosh I ran out of energy like some one left the tap on.

I think it's the Alli pills. Honestly, I don't think I'm getting enough nutrition while I'm taking them. Also I noticed for the first time in my life - I am absolutely famished when I am done eating. I've never been like that - even when I was younger and was seriously fit I ate small portions and felt full. I'm attributing it to the Alli pills & I don't think I like it. Still I've made a commitment to give them a try and I'm going to follow through for at least a little while.

I'm officially 134.0 lbs exactly. WooHoo! One more pound gone - 34 MORE TO GO
My waist is 33 inches. UGH. Winces & Double winces.
Arms are 12 inches.

BMI 26.2

FACTOID: Before you reach for that candy bar, think about how far you're willing to go for it. How about a 2.87 mile walk? One mini peanut butter cup will cost you one third mile. A small brownie? A 26 minute run.

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